The NHS is NOT for sale

November 27, 2019

Labour says they have ''proof'' that the NHS is on the table in a trade deal... yet here is Shadow Cabinet member Barry Gardiner confirming that there is no evidence whatsoever that Government has even considered it.


It's complete and utter nonsense. It's almost like they are just desperately trying to fill the news with something other than Corbyn's car crash interview last night.


During the interview, Corbyn gave no answers on his failure to deal with the endemic racism in his party. No answers on whether or not he'd back UK troops against ISIS. No answers on how he'd pay for the election bribes he's offering. No answer to Andrew Neil's evidence that his spending plans would hit the poorest and increase their taxes. Watch the full interview here and then explain to me how you can vote for this man.


Two weeks to go and the choices have been laid out clearly. For once it's not a case of "they're all the same" but actually two entirely different offerings laid out in the manifestos. You therefore have a choice:


1) a Conservative Government that wants to get Brexit done so we can focus on investing and improving our public services. We'll do this in a managed way, with more police officers and nurses us more cash for schools, so that we can balance the books and also reduce your taxes.


2) Corbyn's socialist Government spending hundreds of billions - 28x more in fact - which he has admitted himself on TV last night will mean big tax increases for even those earning minimum wage. That means higher taxes, more debt and more state interference in your life.

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