My Plan for Mansfield & our district

Jobs and skills for the future

Working with education providers and business to make sure that there is a clear route into rewarding careers for young people in Mansfield, and that we are attracting new, well paid jobs.

Better Transport Infrastructure

Lobbying Government and county council to invest in road and rail to improve our connections, including the Robin Hood line, the A60 and the A617

Town Centre Regeneration

Pushing the Council to formalise a proper vision for the future, and helping business to bring investment and revitalise our town centre.

A better plan for Homelessness

Improving the funding and coordination of homelessness services, getting people off the streets, and removing the blight of Mamba and Spice from our town.

What have we achieved in these key areas since 2017?


Ben campaigned for increased resources for our schools, and in Summer 2019 Government announced a £14bn increase in school funding, and a 14% increase for Special Educational Needs. As a member of the Education Select Committee he's played a central role in scrutiny of Government's education policy, and visits a local school near enough every week. In 2018 he brought together a local education Steering Group, building links between Nottingham Trent University and West Notts College. The two recently announced a new partnership to deliver high quality HE provision from the college site in Mansfield. He continues to drive forward with this Steering Group to see what further impact could be had on improving educational standards in Mansfield.


We've secured £5m funding for improvements to the A617 and A38, as well as £18 million for the A614 Ollerton Roundabout and junction improvements. In 12 months we've gone from zero action on the A60/Sainsbury's Junction, to having fully detailed and costed proposals that have been submitted to the Department for Transport with funding set to be announced in 2020. Meanwhile our rail infrastructure on the Robin Hood Line will be renewed, with new trains and carriages and a more regular service. The proposed extension is now a formal part of the contract for the East Midlands Rail franchise, and a formal business case for it must be submitted by the summer.


Ben secured a £25m Town Deal for Mansfield, unleashing a huge opportunity for us to invest in our local economy. Local stakeholders now need to put together a formal plan to draw down this ring-fenced cash. Meanwhile Mansfield is also in the final stages of bidding for an additional circa £20m from the Future High Streets Fund. Altogether a HUGE Government investment in Mansfield's local regeneration. Ben also secured an £8m fund for the regeneration of community centres and specifically for Miner's Welfares, helping to secure the long term future of these vital community hubs.



Ben has visited scores of local Homelessness support services, from Council-led schemes to voluntary and community services, and Framework who manage our local provision. He has raised over £6,000 for the Beacon Project, a local service for homeless people, helping to fund an extension to their building to ensure they have the facilities they need. Ben has also raised money for mental health charity MIND and domestic abusive service NIDAS. Since his election in 2017 he has brought the Home Secretary and two Homelessness Ministers to Mansfield to engage with our local services, and delivered an additional £1m for our local area. Nationally he supported the Homelessness Reduction Act that increases the level of service available to people at risk of homelessness.

Some other progress so far (as of Spring '19)

*The below leaflet was printed and released during Ben Bradley's time as MP between 2017 and the start of this election.

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