A manifesto filled with promise

November 24, 2019

Today the Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched our Conservative manifesto and commitments for a new  Parliament. If we secure a majority this time we can get on and deliver,  instead of being held back and blocked by opposition votes as we have  been the last two and a half years! Our political system is built for majority Government, and we’ve seen the awful impact of a hung parliament that has been able to block Brexit and tie the PM’s hands. This election is a chance to unleash the full potential of our great United Kingdom, with a Government free to deliver investment and reform to boost our public services and revive forgotten towns across England.

The manifesto has some exciting plans in it and I'm pleased with the opportunities and proposals it lays out, which include:


- Recruiting and training 20,000 more Police Officers and 50,000 more nurses, as well as backing officers behind the scenes with better kit and resources, plus restoring the nurse training grants to support people in to the roles. We’ll invest in the people that make our services great.


- A record £33.9bn investment in our NHS services and £14bn to boost our schools. Every single school in Mansfield and Warsop will see a funding boost, some as much as 11% per pupil, helping them to continue to improve and raise standards for our children.


-  A firm commitment that there will be no increases in income tax, VAT or  national insurance (in fact we'll reduce NI contributions) in stark contrast with Corbyn's plan to raise an extra £83 BILLION from taxes.


These are sensible and measured investments to boost our services, whilst delivering tax cuts for working people that will allow you to have more money in your pocket. As well as spending plans, we’ll also introduce the Brexit legislation before Christmas to get Brexit sorted within weeks. Then we can focus on domestic priorities.


There are some huge positives in the manifesto that will make our lives and services better, from major infrastructure projects to simple things like scrapping hospital parking charges and fixing potholes. With a majority Government we can deliver on key priorities that haven’t been possible over the last two years, as they’ve been either pushed off the agenda by Brexit discussions or would have been blocked by the opposition.




Now that commentators have seen both manifestos, they've made the startling  discovery that LABOUR PLAN TO SPEND 28 TIMES MORE in additional  spending commitments compared to the Conservatives. That's why the IFS have said Corbyn's plans are 'not credible'. Meanwhile his plans for a four day working week risk undermining the effectiveness of our public services and costing businesses 20% in staff wages. That leads to job losses, rising prices, unemployment and a growing welfare bill once again.


We have a sensible plan to boost investment in our public services and  reduce taxes on working people. We’ll work on your priorities by getting Brexit over the line, so we can focus on improving public services. Meanwhile Labour are literally chucking  money around all over the place and ultimately it will be taxpayers who will pick up the bill! Every day Corbyn comes out with another multi-billion pound spending promise, driving us closer to financial ruin. We know the last Labour Government left us with no money and higher unemployment, but Corbyn’s plans are far more extreme than anything we’ve seen since the 1970s - a time of constant strikes, three day working weeks and energy blackouts.

So now you have all the details and it’s up to you. A Conservative plan for measured investment to boost our public services and regenerate towns like Mansfield that have so often been left behind, or Corbyn’s spending spree that will cost TWENTY EIGHT times more and be paid for from your pocket, ultimately bankrupting our country.

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July 3, 2020

June 23, 2020

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