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The Home Secretary comes to Mansfield

November 11, 2019




It was great to have the Home Secreatry, Priti Patel visit Mansfield this weekend in the run up to the election. 


Priti was keen to stress the importance of cracking down on crime that has been a blight on our towns and cities, by introducing 20,000 new police officers in England, many of which will be coming to Mansfield. A new Conservative government will make sure all officers are equiped, with equipment such as tasers, to ensure the public and the officers themselves are safe from violent criminals. 


We understand the vast majority of people are law abiding citizens and want to give police the ultimate powers to deal with problems like illegal traveller camps and drugs crossing county lines.


This Conservative government will be tough on crime, put money into our NHS and deliver Brexit once and for all. 






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