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Quarry Landslide Update

November 11, 2019

As I've said previously, I've been speaking with Government officials about the ongoing problems faced by residents on the Quarry. Government opened up Bellwin funding, which is to pay for the clean up and every thing that's needed to get people back safely in to their homes.


I asked the Secretary of State to visit and meet with the Council to see what more could be done to help residents, and to ensure the long term work needed to make the wall totally safe can be carried out asap. Today Robert Jenrick, the Sec State from the Ministry of Communities and Local Government, visited the site along with Council officials to discuss this in more detail, and has promised to work closely with MDC and offer as much support as possible.


Unfortunately due to the very strict rules around elections, known as Purdah, I was unable to attend the meeting with the Sec State. As I'm no longer the MP during the election, my attendance would have made it "political" and therefore difficult for the Minister to come without it being seen as election-related.


With that in mind I was happy to withdraw myself in order to make sure that officials were able to come and see the site, and speak formally with the Council. I hope that residents can take some heart from the fact that this is happening, and I'm grateful to the Sec State for taking the time and taking this seriously.


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