Supreme Court Judgement

September 25, 2019

As we head back to Westminster this morning, I've been reflecting on the Supreme Court judgement yesterday. Obviously its one we will have to abide by, and no doubt Government will be looking at the detail and full implications for short term decision making.


My view though is that the long term impact of this is huge. It fundamentally shifts our constitution and we now have Government that can be overruled and dictated to by both Parliament and by the Courts. That is unprecedented, and it only makes governing - not just Brexit but all governance in the future - harder.


The Supreme Court seems to think of itself as defending the rights of Parliament against the PM and the Queen. Indeed that's essentially what they wrote in their judgement. In my view that is a fundamental mistake. Parliament has its own defences, ones that it has CHOSEN not to use.


The House of Commons can withdraw confidence in the Government at any time, through a motion of no confidence, or by supporting an early election. It is not powerless, it could have removed Boris months ago if it had wanted to, but those opposition MPs know the polls are not in their favour. They know that their actions are not popular with voters to the same extent that the Prime Minister's commitment is winning him support. It is Parliament that is smashing our constitution to pieces by refusing to use those tools and playing games; drawing the courts in to political decisions.


Did the Prime Minister lie? Well that's a matter of political opinion. I don't believe he did. I believe he's trying to deliver on the Brexit decision, and the establishment are lining up against him. We have to abide by the law, even if we're not happy with the decision, but the Prime Minister remains 100% committed to delivering Brexit, and he will have my full backing.




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