April 7, 2019

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Brexit update (again - it's dragging on a bit!)


Another busy week in Westminster as you may have seen, and another frustrating one. Keep track of my Facebook page for more regular updates as things seem to move too fast to keep track, but essentially this week Parliament voted to ask the Prime Minister to seek a further delay to Brexit as a result of Labour MP Yvette Cooper's intervention. More details about that here but it was pretty tense and was lost by just one single vote. I personally obviously voted against further extensions and watering down of Brexit.

Meanwhile the Prime Minister has been meeting Jeremy Corbyn again to try and find a way through, something that I find incredibly frustrating. I appreciate the need to find a way to deliver Brexit (though increasingly I feel like the only way to do that with Parliament as it stands is to just walk away) but I'm pretty clear that working with Corbyn to propose a Customs Union or Second Referendum would be absolutely terrible (wrote about it here). Anyway those talks seem to have broken down again.

So looking ahead to next week, it's going to be a VERY long one as the deadline of April 12th is looming and as yet Parliament has been unable to reach a decision. Yvette Cooper is continuing to try and make her proposal for a long extension in to law, and this week Parliament will have to either agree a way to leave or back that extension, which would mean standing in European Elections. I won't ever support that, we need to get this done and deliver what we promised. No more delay, no more watering down, I'll continue to consistently support those options that deliver a the most meaningful and timely Brexit.

In lighter news we also had
naked protesters and a leak in the roof - who says Parliament is broken!?

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July 4, 2020

July 3, 2020

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