February 27, 2019


This morning I spoke to Charlie Stayt and BBC Breakfast (along with Lisa Nandy) about this week's Brexit developments.


The move to offer votes in Parliament on 'no deal' and on an extension to Article 50 are incredibly frustrating and I would certainly not be happy with dellaying our leaving date. Labour's decision to support a second referendum is absolutely appalling. We have to keep our promises if people are to have any faith in our democracy.


That said, this week doesn't change the initial proposition because we'll only get to those decisions if the Prime Minister can't get a deal agreed. The best way through this is for her to get the required changes to the agreement so that we are not permanently tied in to the Backstop against our will, and making sure those changes have the legal clout needed so that people like me can vote for it.


The deal would still be far from perfect, but the problems then would at least be temporary and we couldn't be held inside the EU against our will. We would secure our leaving on the 29th of March and move on to talk about the longer term relationship.


There is no perfect outcome. The deal would not be perfect but it would see us through this hurdle, it would make sure we leave on time as promised, and allow us to break this stalemate and move forward. I think the nature of the discussion this morning between Lisa and I shows that there is an opportunity here to reach an agreement and get this sorted.

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July 4, 2020

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