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Discussing Brexit in Westminster Hall

January 15, 2019

Yesterday, I spoke in Westminster Hall about Brexit and the Withdrawal Agreement, specifically in response to the many petitions calling for a variety of outcomes: no deal, second referendum, and scrap the whole thing. 


I want to support a good deal, and I'd love for the Prime Minister to come back after she loses the vote and say she intends to seek a better, looser trading relationship with Europe. She would have my full support, I only wish that is where we had started out! However in the absence of a deal that works for the UK, we still have to deliver on the referendum result. 


Leaving on World Trade Organisation Terms, as was demanded by going on 400,000 people in a petition, has some huge benefits and we should not be afraid of it. Either holding a second referendum or no Brexit at all would be a total betrayal of trust in our democracy.



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