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About Ben

Some Facts & Figures


Ben was elected as the Member of Parliament for Mansfield in June 2017 with 23,392 votes, ending 94 years of Labour and defeating the previous Labour MP of 31 years. He has subsequently been re-elected in December 2019 with a massively increased majority of over 16,000.

In his first 2 years as MP, Ben...

Sent well over 12,000 letters and emails to and on behalf of constituents - with topics including:

  • Brexit

  • Housing

  • Roads, highways and parking

  • Local planning

  • DWP benefits and pensions

  • The NHS

  • Education

  • Animal Welfare

  • Fracking

In Parliament

  • Vice Chair of following APPGs: Sport, Youth Affairs, Youth Employment, Ending Homelessness

  • Elected to the Education Select Committee

  • Mentioned Mansfield 139 times while speaking in House of Commons debates

  • Submitted 200 written questions to Government Ministers

  • Hosted parliamentary debates on: sports in coalfield communities, Pneumoconiosis, the effects of mamba on society, nurture and alternative provision, reclassifying synthetic cannabis and full time social action

  • Introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill to protect bees and other pollinators

  • Sponsored nearly 200 parliamentary tour spaces and gallery tickets for constituents visiting the House of Commons

  • Invited a local teaching assistant and a nurse to visit Number 10 for a reception with the Prime Minister

  • Sponsored events at the House of Commons for local organisation NAPIT on electrical safety, local Nottingham charity Life Skills Education, for veteran’s charity Care After Combat, the National Youth Agency and Heathrow

  • Launched a collection of policy essays, New Blue: Ideas for a New Generation, featuring writing from new Conservative MPs and young Conservatives.

In the Constituency

  • Held 50 MP surgeries

  • Visited dozens of schools and businesses in Mansfield and Warsop

  • Joined the local Police for a day and undertook training with the Fire Service to learn more about their work

  • Supported lots of local charities including the British Legion, Hetty’s, MIND and The Beacon. 

  • Held a Pensioners’ fair to support older people access advice on pensions, money and local activities

  • Held job clinics and CV writing workshops with Dalmatian and a Temporary jobs fair to help people find work locally

  • 16 work experience placements in the Mansfield office

  • Engaged with around 55,000 people a month through my Facebook page

  • Sent 86 email newsletter updates to constituents and posted more than 350 website posts.

Funding success for a number of ongoing campaigns including…

  • The Chancellor announced a funding pot for Miners’ Welfares in the budget following Ben’s debate on sport in coalfield communities. The fund will be administered by Sport England and will provide a £2million funding pot for miners’ welfares and other select community groups.

  • In February NHS England selected Mansfield and Ashfield CCG to be one of the first areas to receive Targeted Lung Health Checks which will help over 46,000 people aged 55-74 locally. This follows a roundtable that Ben held with the Government and lung health experts and a follow up local lung health roundtable where Ben continued to lobby for better screening programmes in Nottinghamshire for lung diseases.

  • Government funding for high street regeneration including High Streets clean-up fund (almost £20,000 for Mansfield) access to Stronger Towns Fund and the recently announced High Streets Heritage Action Zones scheme.

  • Secured £60,000 funding to protect bees and other insects. The funding will be used to develop and test pollinator habitat mapping – identifying where new habitats will provide the greatest benefit for bees and other pollinators.

And on a lighter note…

  • 2 awards for Parliamentary Beard of the Year, the contest for the bearded MP who has made the most impact in Parliament.

  • 1 beer named after Ben (available in the John Cockle Pub!)

  • named Beer and Pub Parliamentarian of the year for his fundraising work with the John Cockle, by the all Party Group for Beer.



Born in Ripley, Derbyshire, Ben initially went to Bath University to study Sports Science. After deciding that the course wasn't right for him, he dropped out and worked as a landscape gardener and an Administrator. He later returned to University, where he graduated with a first-class honours degree in Politics from Nottingham Trent University in 2013. Following this, he took on several roles, including as a Recruitment Consultant, before taking on the role of Campaign Manager for Mark Spencer, the Member of Parliament for neighbouring Sherwood prior to the 2015 General Election.


In 2015, Ben stood and was elected as a District Councillor in Hucknall, and was duly appointed as Group Leader for the Conservative Group on Ashfield District Council. He became Mr Spencer’s Parliamentary Office Manager, and in early 2017 successfully stood and was elected for Nottinghamshire County Council, again representing Hucknall North.


Ben became Member of Parliament for Mansfield in the snap General Election in June 2017. He was the first Conservative to be elected in Mansfield since the constituency’s creation in 1858, unseating the previous incumbent of 30 years.


In early 2018, Ben was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, with responsibility for youth engagement. Following on from this appointment, in March Ben re-launched the ‘Young Conservatives’ organisation, the national youth wing of the Conservative Party, and is tasked with building the organisation to support young people in engaging with politics. He resigned from this role in July 2018 in order to be able to speak out for his constituents on Brexit plans.


Ben sits on the Education Select Committee in Parliament and is Vice Chair of several APPGs including Ending Homelessness, Youth Affairs and Sport.

Ben was re-elected in December 2019 with a hugely increased majority over 16,000 votes.


Ben is married and has two young children and a dog.