Socialism doesn't work

December 3, 2019

Labour's latest giveaway - a reduction in the cost of rail travel - is literally transferring taxes raised in places like Mansfield and other coalfield communities that have poor access to rail services and sending that money to the South East of England to fund people to commute in to London.

It concentrates the money in the South even more, taking tax money from poorer communities to fund people who already have well paid jobs. It means the money will never exist to upgrade our local services outside of London. It's bad policy and it's bad for places like Mansfield.


Socialism, ladies and gents... It doesn't work.


The Conservatives will invest £100bn in our road and rail network, including reopening lines that were shut the last time we had a socialist Government. That means improving services for the whole country, not just a few around London.

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July 4, 2020

July 3, 2020

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