Post-Brexit Trade

October 29, 2019

Last night I met with Trade Secretary Liz Truss to talk about our plans for post-Brexit Trade with the rest of the world, and perhaps particularly about the US; possibly the most obvious place to start to negotiate new plans. We've been caught up in the 'tariff wars' between the US and EU, but if we can extricate ourselves and instead agree our own independent Free Trade Agreement we can ensure cheaper and more effective trade in both directions for UK businesses and consumers.

They are already our biggest single trade partner, representing 19% of UK exports. What should also be obvious is that what we, as an independent country, will decide what we want to agree. Clearly we would not agree to anything that was not in the UK's best interests; protecting standards, reducing prices, supporting UK industries!

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July 4, 2020

July 3, 2020

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