Brexit this week

February 1, 2019

Last week ended on a positive note with a number of new post-Brexit trade deals put in place, including Australia & New Zealand.


This week, we had the opportunity to have a vote on the PM's amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement. This isn't a binding vote that signs us up to something fixed, but it will potentially decide what changes the PM needs to get from Brussels and importantly, we still have the ability to say no if the changes aren't good enough.


I supported the Brady amendment which says that we want to see the 'Backstop' changed or removed. Whilst this isn't a binding decision, the PM still has to get the EU to agree and I think it's increasingly important that we show a united front here in Parliament. We can still block the deal if it's not good enough when she comes back. It's also clear that in the absence of a deal there are forces at work in Parliament that are desperate to stop us leaving. I'm not willing to let that happen.


This is the plan that's been put forward by a wide range of MPs across the Brexit divide, ranging from Jacob Rees Mogg to Nicky Morgan. It seeks to offer an alternative to the Backstop, but also contains an agreement that if the EU cannot move to a deal that we can accept then we all agree that managing a transition to WTO is the only acceptable way forward.


The Prime Minister confirmed that a) she will seek to reopen Withdrawal Agreement and get proper binding legal changes to replace the Backstop and b) we will still get to vote on whatever changes she can get and stop it if it's not good enough. She also confirmed that she will talk about new proposals that would ensure that if the EU don't play ball, we will leave on WTO terms on 29th of March.


The EU now have two weeks to take reasonable steps towards a deal that we can accept.




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