Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Vote

January 14, 2019

With the imminent vote on the Brexit withdrawal agreement on Tuesday, I wanted to take time to outline my views.  I, personally, will be disappointed if a close relationship with the EU was struck or if a second referendum was called. The government needs to stick to the promises that were made in 2016. No deal is better than a bad deal; Britain could gain a great deal of sovereignty, control of our own trade and rules and ultimately, independence.


With that, If the deal does fail to pass on Tuesday as expected, the next steps are unclear but there are a few likely alternatives.


Labour have suggested that they might bring a vote of no confidence in the government. That may happen on Wednesday. Whether that does happen however is questionable. In addition, there’s no reason to suggest that government would not win that fairly comfortably, they would still have the support of the DUP and therefore still have the majority of the House of Commons. 


The real unknown, in terms of the direction of Brexit and the decision that needs to be made over the next fortnight, is what the Prime Minister does next if the Withdrawal Agreement fails. Parliament has given her until Monday the 21st to come up with a plan b. She has a number of options, five in particular have been discussed most frequently.


Firstly, she could revoke article 50 and stay in the European Union. Alternatively, a second referendum could be called. Both of these I stand against and believe that either path would seriously undermine democracy. If Europe would agree to it a close relationship with them could be struck, similar to that of Norway, or a looser relationship like that of Canada may be agreed upon. finally, Britain could leave on World Trade Terms, what the media would call ‘no-deal’, and what I would suggest is actually hundreds of deals and transitional arrangements.


All in all I'm settling in for a quiet week...


It’s going to be a difficult and divisive but, hopefully, conclusive few weeks which by the end of we will hopefully know the way forward that the government has taken.

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