Artificial Intelligence in Schools

January 10, 2019

In Education Select Committee earlier this week, we discussed tech and artificial intelligence in schools, which has huge potential to level the playing field and personalise education to suit individual students in the future.


Particularly important we in Mansfield embrace modern technology and adapt, when you consider stats like this below about the impact of automation in the workplace. This doesn't mean fewer jobs necessarily, but certainly very different jobs requiring different skills. Our young people will need to have transferable skills and be able to adapt to changing job roles throughout their lives as the technology changes.



I was particularly interested in how this technology might be used - with the right injection of support to get the technology in place in schools - to remove the 'disadvantage gap' and level the playing field for young people. As you can see in this video, evidence suggests that AI technology doesn't know about your background or where you're from, it just seeks to tailor the learning to what you need and could be game changing in our schools.


You can view more clips over on my YouTube channel (and why not subscribe whilst you're there!)

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July 4, 2020

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