Brexit this Week

December 7, 2018

Instead of posting daily about Brexit, I thought it would be best to post all of the Brexit related stories here so you can easily view them. Here you can read my articles in the Telegraph, watch my BBC News interview, my speech in the debate on the Withdrawal Agreement and read my opinion on the prospect of an election and a Corbyn Government.


I posted an article from the Telegraph, which was written jointly with some of my younger colleagues in Parliament. It focuses on how we should view Brexit as a huge opportunity for Britain - not a crisis to be managed! You can view the article here.


I wrote another article for the Telegraph (view here), which outlines the fact that I won't vote for mediocrity, or to be tied to the EU indefinitely. Brexit could be so much more and restore the faith in democracy that's become so brittle!


I also spoke to BBC News about this week's Brexit debates and my thoughts on the Withdrawal Agreement. You can view the entire interview below:


On the same day, I spoke in the debate on the Withdrawal Agreement. I laid out the reasons why it is not possible to truly deliver on a vote for 'change' by seeking to replicate the status quo.


We have to seek a looser free trade arrangement that gives us the control we voted for, and in order to have any chance of achieving that, we have to be clear that we will be leaving, one way or another.


Leaving on World Trade terms is not something we should fear, these rules already govern 98% of global trade, but we can make it much simpler and smoother by being strong at this point, and by planning properly with the EU to manage that transition if it's necessary. We cannot tie the UK permanently to a deal that is fundamentally bad for this country. You can view my entire speech here:

And now to touch on the most common concern that my constituents have raised.


So far the vast majority of constituents that have contacted me have supported my position, to vote against the Withdrawal Agreement. The main concern from people who have not has been the prospect of an election and a Corbyn Government.


I am absolutely clear that voting down this agreement is the only way to avoid that scenario. I do not believe a majority in Mansfield want to see Corbyn in Number 10, but if this deal is passed on Tuesday then the DUP have been very clear that they will no longer support the Government. They feel let down, as I do, that promises made to them about the 'backstop' and customs arrangements have not been kept, and have said openly that they will only continue to support the Government if this agreement fails.


So in short, if this Withdrawal Bill passes on Tuesday, then the Government without the DUP no longer has a majority in the Commons, cannot pass legislation, and that is the single biggest chance of us having either an election or a Corbyn-led minority Government.


So to those contacting me saying "do not let Corbyn in to Number 10" - that is on my mind too, and by rejecting this deal I am doing what is needed to stop that from happening.


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